Friday, February 25, 2011


fishing spriteEler Beth's friend, Heather, reminded me a few nights ago that I hadn't made a blog post in ages -- and actually I had been feeling guilty about that. And I'm sorry for leaving the catfish story hanging. However, in truth, my previous post is probably going to prove more amusing than the story behind the catfish on the porch!

My father stepped out onto the front porch one day in March of 2000 and discovered a still-breathing, 7-inch-long catfish on the front porch. There are ponds on neighboring properties, so everyone assumed that one of the cats had caught it, brought it home, and then left it on the front porch. It was a 7-minute-marvel, shall we say.

But the really funny part was that note on the envelope from Barbara telling me about it. "Daddy found a live catfish on the front porch this morning" is, you must admit, a very funny thing to read on the back of an envelope you just got out of your mailbox. I hope the mail carrier got a chuckle out of it too.

In other news, we had quite a storm last evening with marble-sized hail, and then at about 3 a.m. the winds picked up, and we had some rather scary lightning, long, loud rumblings of thunder, and then a torrential downpour. I'm hoping the rest of the week is dryer and mild. I'd love to get out and work in my yard some.

Hope everyone is well out there, and I'll try to do better in March!


Lisa said...

I imagine the postal carrier did get a chuckle out of that. It would be so wierd to see a catfish on your porch, it almost sounds like a prank.

I saw some areas had horrendous storms last night. We were lucky, even though they were calling for bad weather it stayed to the south. Glad you are well ~ it's good to see you again.


Glad to hear the rest of the story about the catfish. Very amusing, particularly if the cat did it. I bet the mailman got a chuckle. We got that storm too. Flooding everywhere. Have a good week.

Martha (MM) said...

It's March 5th already! ::Tapping foot impatiently waiting:: :-)

Happy Being Me said...

I know what that's like. I looked at my blog the other day and couldn't believe it had been that long since I had written anything. My blog has always been a comfortable place for me to land. So I'm back at it. Hoping to see more reads coming in from you. Take care and enjoy your everyday!

ADB said...

At least you managed a post in February, Lori. See you around this month!

natalie said...

Dear Lori,
hugs! hehehehhe!
I love the discovery of the fish on the porch story!
Happy Spring , my wonderful friend!