Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Today is the SIXTH anniversary of Dusty Pages. When I began I had absolutely no idea what I would do with a blog. I had come upon AOL Journals accidentally and thought it might be fun. As I was not a blog reader, it was a totally new concept to me, but I soon started reading a few blogs regularly and then found myself in J-Land! lol

I don't post very often now, but I still manage to visit a few blogs each week and to make a post now and then. My first post wasn't much of one, but it garnered a cute comment from Eler Beth, whose screen name was "PrincessElerBeth" at that time. Her comment below:
Anonymous princesselerbeth said...

I think you should plant patatos.

March 13, 2005 10:23 AM

I made six posts in March of 2005, and three of them featured Eler Beth in their main themes. We're not surprised, are we? She was nine at the time, and in my second post I described her this way (and I don't believe she's changed at all):
My daughter is such an exuberant little thing. She is up for anything, happy just to be "doing"! I wish I had that energy. It isn't just energy, though. She has such pure joy in everything, and when she has a "particular" interest in something she goes all out to learn everything she can about it and to participate fully in the enjoyment of it.

She has a particular love of fossils and is her class' authority on the subject! She also loves to fish, garden, take care of her dog (who just had puppies) and a number of other things. When she grows up she says she is going to be a paleontologist, an archaeologist, a geologist, a farmer, a teacher, an artist, and, according to her, in her spare time she will raise horses. Oh to be a nine year old girl again!...I hope nothing ever happens to dim her enjoyment of life. She has the persistence, toughness, the never-say-die attitude that can see her through a lot, but she is also sweet, kind-hearted and trusting.

In my fourth post I listed the good and bad things that had happend during the previous week. That was a good idea, and I wish I'd done that sort of post more often. The good things:
The good things that happened this week: Our four puppies born March 10th opened their eyes Thursday, March 24; Monday was the first day of Spring; I talked to my Mom on the phone and everyone is fine at home; didn't have to call from work to make sure the kids were up because it was Spring Break; I have grape hyacinths coming up in my front plant bed; I was off work Friday,so I was able to be sick at home without wasting any PTO time; Thomas hasn't caught the bug yet!

In my fifth post Eler Beth drew on the powers of "Super Nanny:"
My nine-year old daughter is addicted to these nanny shows! I have to admit they are kind of fun to watch. For me they're fun because I can watch in fascination and say to myself, "Wow, glad my kids aren't that bad." My daughter watches in a kind of fascinated horror. She makes comments like, "That kid is a brat! I'm glad I don't act like that!" Occasionally, though, she slides me a side-long look with a little half-smile on her face that says, "oh-oh, I kinda do that, too." But today she apologized to me for something and after the "I'm sorry, mom," she went on to state exactly what she'd done to be sorry for. Then she said, "Notice what I did? I did what the Super Nanny says to do. I said what I was sorry for." Way to go Super Nanny!

And in my fifth post I reported that Eler Beth wished the word "grounded" had never been invented (and don't worry -- I seem to remember that she didn't miss out on anything special that next night; she just had a little tv taken away):

Those were the words my daughter muttered on her way to bed -- at 11:00!!!

She had kept putting off doing an assignment all week that is due tomorrow, therefore the late night. And while I was trying to help her AND do her hair at the same time I got a little bit of attitude. The attitude didn't improve after a warning, but got worse, therefore the grounding. Now that the hair is done, the assignment complete and in the backpack, and frayed nerves have been smoothed somewhat, regret has set in. Suddenly someone remembers what she's going to be missing out on tomorrow evening if she is grounded. And now she wishes the word had never been invented.

Happy Anniversary Dusty Pages!

I hope you guys enjoyed a bit of a stroll down Memory Lane.


Paula said...

Yes happy anniversary to Dusty Pages. So happy I met you and Eler Beth at AOL journals. I remember being interested in Eler Beth's name and you telling me who she is named after. Also my second daughter is Leah Beth but she doesn't like the Beth name.

Donna said...

Ah yes, Eler Beth was often your topic back then, and an interesting topic she was!

LYN said...

It'll be 5 years next month for me! Happy Anniversary to you and your Blog..I sure so miss JLand..hardly anyones writes anymore..everyone is on FB...

ADB said...

Congrats on your 6th blogoversary, and here's to many more years blogging, Lori. However frequently or infrequently you wish.


I lurked in J-Land before joining you all here in Blogger. Happy Anniversary to you and the blog. May you have many more. The trip down memory lane was nice. It's good to reminiscence. I spent my childhood determined to become an archeologist. I regret not doing it, when I grew up. I hope your daughter doesn't give up on her dreams.

Linda :) said...

Happy Anniversary to your Blog!! :)

Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary Dusty Pages! It was fun to read your old entries. Six years is something to be proud of and you could say we've watched Eler Beth grow up through your words.
Wishing you many more happy blogging years.

Martha (MM) said...

Happy belated anniversary! I'm so glad I got to know you and Eler Beth at AOL Journals. I still think of those good old days so fondly. Hope all is well in your world and hope you are having a great weekend :-)

DB said...

A slightly late happy anniversary Dusty Pages. More, more.

natalie said...

Dear Lori,
hugs! I remember well your early posts about Eler Beth.
thank you so much for writing this and including a wealth of memories!:) We were watching a film tonight of our kids when they were younger and I was thinking how much I missed having these enthusiastic young kids at home:)
how is Eler Beth doing now?

Jeanie said...

I come late to your celebrations. I can remember some of those earier posts and wonder where all that time went to? Our children/grandchildren grow up too fast! It's lovely listening to their ambitions. My granddaughter has always wanted to be a vet. One of my grandsons wants to be a farmer. His first word was 'tractor'. So farming may already be in his genes, although there are no farmesr in the family. lol
I wish you joy in watching Eler Beth fullfil her destiny.
Thank you for calling by my journal
Jeanie x

natalie said...

Dear Lori,
Big Congratualtions on your 6th blog anniversary! woo hoo!
Thank you so much for your kind comments! :):)
You always were a great writer! And we have all so loved living with you and Eler Beth and friends and puppies! Ver sweet! hugs!Please come back and visit again!