Monday, December 1, 2008

Mara's Father

Mara, of I Have Tea, lost her father on Friday. He had been ill for a while and is no longer in pain. If you know Mara (or even if you don't) please call 'round to leave a word of sympathy. I'm sure she would appreciate it.


Missie said...

Thanks for the update. Have a good week.

Rose said...

I'm sending an email along her way right now.

Hugs, Rose

Joann said...

Thanks, going there now!!


natalie said...

Gee thanks Lori..I was so tired when I went earlier I misread it :(
Since then I returned and left comments!
Appreciate it!

Wes said...

I just wanted to say Hi!

Blessed Be,

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

I stopped my yesterday to share my thoughts and prayers. Your always so kind to keep us posted. Take care of you my friend,

Martha said...

Oh no, thanks for letting us know Lori. I'm heading right over!

Rose said...

thank you.