Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Perils of HGTV

One day when I was feeling under-the-weather I spent several hours watching HGTV. I came to the following conclusion: When you watch shows like "Design Brothers" or "Love it or List it" you will do one of two things -- feel seriously depressed and go back to bed to hide your head under the covers for a few days OR go into a cleaning, organizing, and de-cluttering frenzy!!! 

Spring is finally here. This past week the deciduous trees have greened up and leafed out,  my grass is really needing to be mowed -- will do that today, I suppose -- and I am ready to clean out flower beds and plant something new.  I just wish I could get over this allergy-induced head and chest cold. It is really hanging on this year. I'm not the only one. Seems like everyone is having the same problem. I guess I'll do a bit here and there and rest when I need to, because anything I do seems to zap my strength very quickly.  Maybe I need one of Granny's spring tonics!



Sign me up for one of Granny's spring tonics. I could use some ZIP in my step this week.

Paula said...

When I watch The Hoarders I clean like you describe. Too bad I can't always find the channel or time around here for them. Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Well, I came to this place with about 8 things ;o, so it has been easy to stay organized. I'm surprised at what I don't need(& happy about it).

I've had the sinus thing too, & it caused my TMJ to act up & a migraine to visit. So I kinda know the feeling. It did clear up though & I hope that happens for you soon. Working in a garden can be so peaceful, if your sinuses aren't killing you. Put it off until you feel a little bit better.