Sunday, April 28, 2013

May I Ask A Favor?

I am going to be hosting a light lunch for a group of about 15 friends in a few weeks, and I have no idea what I want the menu to be. Would anyone like to send me a suggestion? PLEASE???

It doesn't need to be fancy or unusual, but one friend did chili and sandwiches (with all the fixings) two months ago, and last month another friend who hostessed did croissants with a choice of fillings, fruit salad and a cheese log, so those two ideas are taken. I want to keep it simple, but also tasty. I thought of maybe doing a quiche (even though I couldn't eat it myself because of my egg allergy), but my mind is just really drawing a blank. Now if it were a full dinner, I'd have no problem, but a nice, attractive, neat, little, light lunch? A blank, I tell you!


"Worry 'bout yourself!"
 I think this is the cutest video. If I want a laugh, I watch it. I think that's going to be the catchphrase around our house. I can just imagine her parents telling her older sister or her, "Don't worry about what your sister's doing, you just worry about yourself."



Ken Riches said...

Cheese, lunch meat, crackers, fresh fruit, olives, pickles, peppers, baked brie with caramel and apples (this is our standard football fare).

Another thought would be quesadillas or fajitas.


I like Ken's idea about the quesadillas or fajitas. I was thinking turkey pinwheels or wraps. Fresh fruit. Love the worry about yourself video. Too cute for words.

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

How about everything to fix your own chef salade? Or I have took a pkg of bacon ranch suddenly salade and added diced cooked chicken, diced fresh tomatoes, grated cheeses, diced or sliced mushrooms, black olives, some broccoli and carrots cooked to just barely tender, crumbled bacon and a little extra fresh ranch dressing and had everyone raving for more.

Anonymous said...

I emailed you an online recipe for a veggie rice bowl that I made for a charity event. It was quite good.

Also, Ken's ideas are quick & easy & liked by most people.

Beth said...

LOL I was going to suggest exactly what Ken did! Yep, I do that every so often, especially for big games. I'd throw in a veggie platter, too. You can try all different kinds of cheeses, too. And don't forget the wine! ;)