Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cookies Goooood!

PhotobucketEler Beth as she's spooning chocolate chip cookie dough onto the cookie sheet:
"I'm glad we got this big tub of cookie dough. We should always keep some on hand. Whenever I'm craving something sweet and I'm out of candy I can eat cookies. When I'm out of candy I get irritated." Pause. "By the way, I'm out of candy."

"Are you getting irritated?" I asked with interest.

"No," she said, with a 'duh' inflection to her tone. "I've got cookies!"

On a side note:
With a feeling of panic, my mind spinning trying to catch on the right gear, I turned to Eler Beth this evening and said, "Did I just turn 44 or 45?!?" (I swear for the life of me I couldn't immediately recall!)

She smiled and just rolled her eyes!

{shh...the correct answer is 45}


Paula said...

Happy belated birthday. Enjoy your good years because sometime after 60----

Traci said...

Too funny! I did that in my twenties. Couldn't remember if I was 22 or 23. Now I try really hard not to think about it! 45 (which I turned in January) seems oldish!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Lori.
You are younger than I am, but I am not bitter ;o.
Happy Cookies. ~Mary

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Well happy birthday then :o)


Happy BELATED birthday. Hope it was great. My birthday is next week and would you believe my dad got the year wrong. LOL I can almost smell those cookies baking. Nothing as yummy as chocolate chip.

Celeste said...

45 is good. I am 52 now as of a week ago. I will trade if I get eber beth!

DB said...

L, it's not a bad idea to forget how old you are Life is confusing enough without bothering over numbers. You get to a certain age and the numbers don't matter any more, any way.


Lori said...

DB, you have a point there!