Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pictures from the Festival, Part Two

One of the activities was sawing a maple log with a cross-cut saw. So Thomas and Eler Beth tried their hand at it. You got to keep the piece of maple that was cut off, and if you wanted you could have a maple leaf branded in it. So that's one souvenir for Eler Beth. The man in the green shirt, sitting on the log while they sawed, was a member of the family who own the farm. He and Thomas had struck up a friendship the previous week. He sat on the log to hold it steady while they sawed. When they were finished they needed to replace the log because the old one wasn't long enough anymore, so Thomas pitched in and gave them a hand settling it in. It was very heavy!

More pictures in previous post, and more to come . . . .

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Amy said...

Crimeny....there's a reason I don't try that....I'd end up cutting my own leg off....LOL How neat that they band it with a little maple leaf for you! Cute!