Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Did You Wonder?

Did you wonder how Eler Beth was going to handle being without her animals for several days? My sister doesn't have any pets; not traditional ones, at least. But where Eler Beth goes, Eler Beth finds animals. Below is a little lizard of some kind that she found in Palm Bay where we dropped off Andrew. She put it in a container, carried it around a bit, had a photo shoot, then turned it loose.

Here, at my sister's house, she tours the yard looking for "critters". The stick in her hand was purely just accidentally picked up. I assure you she didn't use it to knock "critters" out of the palm tree! lol

She intrigued her young male cousins by finding this interesting-looking toad when they came by to visit.

But her favorite by far were the little Anole lizards, known as Florida Chameleons. This little fellow she found and captured several times along with many of his relatives. He very obligingly turned brown for her and then turned back to green. That was pretty amazing to see first-hand.

Yes, that is a piece of yarn. She brought him in, tethered him, and walked around with him for a bit. She did let him go of course. (Poor little anole.)

He is cute, though, isn't he?

These are palm fruits.

And this is a squirrel in the palm tree warning you to leave his palm fruit alone, or he'll pelt your new Santa Fe with them!

Okay, that's all the pictures for today.

I woke up this morning to sleet. Sleet! Eler Beth has a head cold, with stuffy ears and achy head and neck. So we doctored her up today and yesterday. I have a bit of something, too, but I think it's mostly allergies. I haven't required too much of myself the past few days. (Another way of saying that is "I've been lazy".)

This is the kind of weather that makes me want to cook a lot and bake a lot. My sister, Maxine, (the one in Florida) sent me home with an Amish bread starter, so I've been working that all week. On Friday I'll be able to bake some. I joked to her that for years I've successfully avoided letting anyone give me a "friendship" cake/bread starter until now. But seriously, she made some of the best cakes while we were down there. I think my favorite was her cranberry/walnut/apple/cinnamon. On Friday I'll divide the batter into four portions, so I'll either have to bake three cakes, dispose of some, or give some away. I think I'll bake three and give two cakes away. Any votes for what kind I should make? Andrew says Chocolate/chocolate chip. Eler Beth says something with cranberries. Thomas doesn't care. And I don't know. Guess it'll just be a surprise to all of us.

I should be in bed, but I finally got the chance to read about two dozen blogs and comment; I've uploaded more pictures; and I've cleared out a bunch of computer files -- three things I've been trying to do for three days. If I haven't been by to say hi yet, I'm on my way. If you don't hear from me this week, please drop me a line to remind me of your blog address, because I've been moving things around in my Google Reader, and I'm hoping I didn't lose anyone.

I'm going to pick back up on my "Salutes" again, now that we're all getting settled. And today's Salute goes to a little community in Kentucky that I've never heard of and would like to know more about. So if you're from this community reading my blog, please email me with more information.

Today's SALUTE goes to:

Plummer's Landing,

population ???

miles from Jeffersonville



Joann said...

Thanks for stopping by, it was good to 'see' you at my blog!! Those little lizards are cute!! I picked up one for my son to touch when he was a baby, his dad was holding Chris and nearly had a heart attack... the sissy la la!! LOL!!!

P.S. PLEASE don't give me any Amish Friendship bread... LOL!!!


Donna said...

I believe Eler Beth is going to be a scientist or a veterinarian when she grows up!

Paula said...

I vote with Andrew, make it chocolate/chocolate chip. I didn't think Eler Beth would hit anything with the stick she is carrying around. Nice pictures.

ADB said...

Interesting critters Eler Beth has found out there, Lori. Have a good week without too much cold (in both meanings of the word).

Janis said...

Love all the pics...Hope Eler Beth gets better soon.

Good luck with the bread! I vote for something with cranberries as well! :)


pam said...

Hi Lori. I loved the pics. Eler Beth must surely end up having a job working with animals, she has the passion and patience for it. Hope you are all well. Home made anything sounds nice! lol. Love Pam xx

Traci said...

I love Amish Friendship bread but haven't made it in years thankfully!

sober white women said...

My Nikki and your daughter would get along great. They just love animals! Last week Nikki asked me if she could have a bird. I had to put my foot down on that one. All of these cats would have a new play toy. LOL

Debbie said...

My sister kept her Amish bread starter going for several years and she always gave most of her cakes away. I loved it, I believe she put cinnamon and pecans in hers.
As far as I know we haven't had any sleet here yet, we've been getting rain. I've never heard of that little community in Kentucky. There are so many places on the map that when driving you find no signs and if there are you would miss them if you blink.
Glad you enjoy your trip to visit your sister and I hope you are feeling more rested.

Beth said...

I love seeing those little lizards every time we go to Florida. I always thought they looked like friendly little fellows.

Can you do a blueberry bread? Yummmm!

I hope both you and Eler Beth feel better soon. It seems that we're getting into the gloomy part of an Indiana winter. Cool and drizzley here today. I always know it's coming, but that doesn't mean I like it!

Hugs, Beth

Jeannette said...

Glad I found you again, I seem to have lost you somewhere along the way. Loved the pics. She sounds like me when I was young, always finding animals of one kind or another. The child abuse I wrote about was here in England. There is going to be a big enquiry. The council the little boy came under was in big trouble a few years back when an eight year old girl who was on their child protection list was beaten and starved to death. Something is badly wrong somewhere, they all need to be fired.

lisaschaos said...

Funny! My son finds all types of critters too. :) We really miss the anoles, when we lived in Texas they came in the house all the time. :)

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope your feel better soon. I cannot believe she catches those critters - we can never get very close :o)

Linda said...

I hope you & Eler Beth start feeling better soon....you probably need to go back to the warm sunshine!
I loved the pictures....she has most definitely got the magic touch with animals, it will probably always be a passion with her.

Pooh Hugs,

Lisa said...

That's great you are doing the Amish bread starter. I've heard about that and they say it's delicious!! Great lizard friend... we had those all over Florida when we lived there... little geco friends.

Bill said...

I sure like Eler Beth and her "Critters" That is how I was as a kid. The pictures are great. It is always nice to see someone's daily life. I sure hope your bread and cakes turns out good.I'd sure like to have some of that cranberry, walnut, apple, cinnamon bread/cake your sister made.
My Regards, Bill.

blazensun said...

Hey Lori, catching up on blogs,your sister sure does love animals.

Take care, Sunny

Martha said...

Hi Lori! I sure haven't seen much of you since we made the move over. I'll be waiting for my cake ;-)

Pamela said...

I think it's cute that she catches all of those lizards and frogs. My son used to do that. They would have gotten along GREAT! LOL!
So you like cooking huh? When are ya gonna invite me out to see ya then?? LOL!

Yasmin said...

There's an award for you on my blog


Jeannette said...

Congratulations on your award from Yaskin, I got one as well.

Amanda said...

Eler Beth is such a great way to pass the time! lol What I mean is, with all her energy and curiosity, I would never get bored being her friend.

Good luck with the bread 'giveaway'. I am sure someone will REALLY enjou it!

God bless-

natalie said...

what a beautiful post Lori!
i love it that Eler Beth has such a knack for finding animals!
how cool!
I loved the pictures! thanks! How lucky all of these people are that you will bake for them!
love and hugs

michele said...

great photos! what is armish friendship bread? i've never heard of it!! White chocolate and raspberries for your cake? take care hope eler beth is feeling better. mrs t xx

Wes said...


Fun in the sun, and cool critters too! I miss florida, my grandparents lived in Key Largo. My Great Aunt Mickey Lived in Orlando, and my cousins in Tampa and Miami. I loved those little lizards, but don't miss the scorpions. I hope you feel better, and just wanted to say hello.


Celeste said...

Does she plan on being a vet or something in that area?

chefkelly25 said...

Lori you have been taking some great pictures. The cake sounds delicious. It will be really interesting to see if Eler Beth takes on a career that involves animals once she is grown. Hope you guys feel better.

marti said...

your writing is as cozy as a quilt!
I love your journal