Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Thomas had blood work done last week, four weeks after the last of his 45 radiation treatments. We went in today to get the results, and his PSA number was ZERO! Well, zero point five three.

They were so surprised. His number going into the treatments was 7 point-something. The urologist said that usually at the four week point after treatment they would expect that to be down to five. So seeing that zero was awesomely surprising. 

He will see them again the first part of October along with a follow-up with the radiation doctor right around the same time. They will be giving him another of the hormone shots, so he won't be saying goodbye to the hot flashes any time soon. But, like the doctor said, they want to be sure those little buggers don't have anything to feed on; they are going for total ablation.

We're very pleased and hope that his numbers will continue to be that good and that he can keep getting along okay with the hot flashes.



this is good news indeed.

Margaret said...

Glad that the news is positive!! (hated the hot flashes when I had them)

Ken Riches said...

Great news!