Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Post of Gratitude From My Heart

I feel the need to check in again and express my gratitude about a couple of things.

Yesterday afternoon I made a FB post asking if anyone would have any items of clothing they'd be willing to donate to two young girls we know who are in real need of clothing for the new school year. We've known the family for a few years now, and we knew that this past year has been emotionally and financially tough for them. They are struggling but are not without any resources, but the school year has sneaked up on them, and they honestly have nothing for the girls. Thomas found out just the day before that the girls have no school clothes. The older girl, who is 13, hit a growing spurt at the end of the last school year, and she has shot up three inches to 5'5". The younger girl, the 9 year old, is still tiny, about 4' tall and weighing maybe 65 lbs. She can't quite wear any of her older sister's clothes that she'd grown out of. 

Anyway, Thomas told me the situation and asked if I'd post to our local Freecycle to see if anyone clearing out their children's closets might have something in the right sizes. He also suggested that we might be able to budget a bit to get them each an outfit or an article of clothing before next week. Eler Beth said she'd contribute something and, only half jokingly, said she'd go with me to get them something to make sure I didn't get anything a 13 or 9 year old wouldn't wear.  :)

SO..... I posted to Freecycle, and I decided to make a FB post as well. 


As of this typing, a J-Land friend in another state is contributing toward something new for the girls. A school friend of mine who lives in California put the word out to her friends who still live in our hometown in Kentucky and is expecting to be able to put together a few things. A friend of ours in Oregon has surveyed her friends there, and they are sending a package to me. A school friend in Bowling Green, Kentucky is mailing me some items of clothing, and another school friend is dropping off some things at my Mom's house tomorrow for me to pick up on Thursday. And that is in addition to some local friends who are going through their kids' closets and drawers right now to see if they have anything suitable. 

Having something nice to wear the first day -- the first week! -- of school, something that is neat and fits well, that is attractive, even if it isn't brand new, can mean a confident child who goes into the classroom feeling like she can handle anything thrown at her, especially if she's in those middle school years. Getting the response that I have gotten is very humbling and encouraging, and, besides private messages of gratitude, I wanted to post a big thank you here because I appreciate more than ever the friendships I have made through J-Land, be they ever so virtual!

Another thank you goes out to some J-Landers who made a donation to my sister-in-law's GoFundMe page last year. (You know who you are!) As a result she and my brother-in-law were able to get a little truck that was reliable enough to take them from their little town in Alabama on the hour+ drive to Atlanta for her cancer treatments. Sadly, she passed away from her terminal illness a few days ago, but this past year was a bit less stressful for them, knowing that she could get to her appointments without their old vehicle breaking down on them. This is Thomas' youngest brother and his wife; both of them so sweet and quiet and unassuming. Again, friends and family stepped up for them, and so did J-Landers whom I've never even met in real life. 

I will try to "pay forward" the generosity and willing spirit shown me at every future opportunity.

Thank you!


Mary Degli Esposti said...

Lori, You are very good at paying it forward, as well as giving in general from both reading you over time, & from past private emails. I'm glad you are back, writing, & it appears, feeling somewhat better.

You commented on my blog, but I do not have your current email address...could you write me please? marydegliesposti@gmail.com


I am so glad people came through for you and your friends. Something to be grateful for indeed.