Tuesday, December 1, 2015

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed

BlogHer Writing Lab 

I decided early this morning that I am going to try to keep up blogging regularly the way I used to. So I went to Blogher.com to see how they were handling December blogs. They are trying something new this year. In November ONLY they will do the Blogroll with links to blogs and posts. For the rest of the year the monthly themes, daily writing prompts, and the opportunity to read new blogs and post links to your own blogs has moved to a Facebook page. I think I'm going to like doing it this way.

I may not blog every day, but I do want to write more often than I have this year -- or, to be honest, the past couple of years! I'd like to get back to blogging the way I did when I first began many years ago. So...I joined the FB group, and I'm going to introduce myself to other bloggers there tonight. 

This is the link to the Facebook page if you'd like to join. 

~ ~ Lori


songsofhome said...

It is a great opportunity indeed. And I'm glad they at least made it an open group. As my blog has a FB page, that's not linked to my personal account (I'm a teacher and I prefer to stay anonymous on the web as I share quite a lot of personal reflections), it's impossible for me to interact on the group page. Luckily I can see how others do and then check out their blogs! I'm really curious - I think this new way of bringing blogs together will absolutely enhance real interactions and clicking around!

Bernadette Laganella said...

Lorie, Really like your tag line.