Friday, October 25, 2013


But I don't really know why....


A few weeks ago Guido let me know that my Twitter account had apparently been hacked. "Twitter account," I mused. Hmm. I'd forgotten I even had one. So I deactivated it.


Then for some strange reason I decided that along with writing 50,000 words in November and making a blog post a day for NaBloPoMo, why not try to Tweet every day or so about my progress; and so I opened a new Twitter account. 


Also, I'm exchanging Tweets with some fellow WriMos and writing buddies. Who knows, it could be helpful if I get stuck. Or it could be a waste of time. Either way, I am going to try Tweeting. Twittering? Twitting?  And if you want to follow me, you can find me at @lorihelms1. (Yeah, I know, really creative tag, right?) Be warned though -- if you follow me, I'm going to follow you right back!!


P.S. Eler Beth just walked by as I was posting this. I said, "I am officially 'tweeting'." 


"Oh God!" she said.

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I used to tweet everyday. But gave it up. Good for you delving right into it.