Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Popping In

I woke up with a sore throat this morning. I hope it's just a sore throat and doesn't turn out to be an infection. I've got too many things going on this month to have to take time out to be sick!

The daughter of some good friends of ours is getting married on the 30th. She is a very sweet girl and deserves the best.  I'm looking forward to the wedding. 

I need to schedule an appointment for a certain four-month-old pup for a little "fix" this month.  Then he'll be able to go to the dog park.  Eler Beth is really looking forward to taking him there. He loves other dogs.  She's never had a dog she's been able to take to the dog park before. Our others are all too possessive and protective and territorial to handle playing with other dogs not of the family.  But Bryant should do well.

Thomas bought Eler Beth a truck last month! It's exactly the kind of truck she said she wanted, and it was a very good deal. It's a Toyota pick-up, four-wheel drive, five-speed, with a Jasper engine. It's a purplish blue that she loves too.  He was actually looking for a pick-up for himself, but when we went to look at it I said, "You know if you buy that truck you're going to lose it as soon as you get it home." He was thinking the same thing.  So he just bought it for her and found himself another one. Of course, now she has to learn to drive a stick, but she was going to have to do that anyway.  And now she has an incentive!  She's already planning on how she can secure Bryant so she can take him everywhere with her. 

Just thought I'd pop in and say hi this morning. I've been visiting blogs the past week or so and trying to catch up with everyone. I'll try to stay in that habit.

Hope all have a beautiful day! 



That is exciting about the truck for your daughter. The dog should have alot of fun at the dog park. Hope your sore throat heals quickly.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the first car, eh truck, can be electrifying & consuming. Freedom(& puppy), a less restricted horizon. ~Mary

Ken Riches said...