Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Getting A Bit Dusty Indeed

Don't faint or anything! (This will just be a short post, anyway.)

Wow! I have really let dust settle on this blog. I guess I just haven't had anything interesting to write about, and it has been really busy around here -- truly. I don't even check my email very often anymore, and I know that's a definite sign of depression. We've had a stressful spring, but in general all is well.

We're enjoying a bit of summer break before I start Eler Beth back on an abbreviated schedule of school. We have found it works best for her if we take a few weeks off and then cover a specific unit of a specific subject for a few weeks, just an hour or two a day, during the summer. Then we'll take a few more weeks off and start a regular schedule in the fall. Then we take a couple weeks off during deer season, a couple weeks off during the holidays, and so on. It makes so much more sense than the way public schools have to do it.

The county school system here didn't get out of school until last Friday!!! I couldn't imagine those poor kids riding a school bus every afternoon in the heat we've been having. I wonder when they'll be going back to school.

Eler Beth can't wait until she turns 15 next year. She wants to take a driver's ed course so she can get her permit early. She's already talking about part-time jobs! (She wants to work at the local Pet Smart -- quelle surprise!) She's going to do some volunteering at a local no-kill shelter, and perhaps the library. Our local library has had to really cut costs, and they are taking on extra volunteers. (We have even discussed both of us becoming docents at The Louisville Zoo.)

I thought I'd try out one of the new blogger templates. This one is kind of cute.

My brother is having another surgery this Thursday. He has an aneurysm in his right carotid artery, the one that was cleaned out about 15 years ago. Two of my sisters and a niece are traveling to Ireland for a couple weeks, leaving this week, and later in the year my sister Maxine is taking our mother on a cruise! Woo Hoo!! My little Mommy will be quite the world traveler! Nothing so exotic for us planned this year, I'm afraid. That month-long strike canceled out a lot of our plans for the year, but I'm pretty easily amused, so I'll survive it.

Well, that's about it for today. Just a quick look-in. I'll try not to let quite so much dust settle before I get back here again.



Lori said...
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Jeanie said...

I just wanted to say thanks for you calling around to my journal Lori. I too have been hit and miss with entries. We all understand. Friends do..don't they?
Elerbeth will be 15 next year Sheesh! Where did all that time go?
I wish her well with her driving lessons and of course her part time jobs too. She will do well will your daughter. She has her head screwed on the right way. Well done to you for that!
Jeanie xxxx

Barbara said...

Glad to know all is basically well with you and yours. Just can't imagine Eler Beth already to be 15! And I am very thankful your brother was blessed to have his problem before it burst!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad things are well with you all. New look is nice.

Lisa said...

Hi Lori!!! I enjoyed your post and am starting to blog more myself as well. Hope you and Eler Beth have a great summer!! I wish I were going to Ireland!! That would be so exciting... we'll have to postpone most of our travel plans also... trying to save up to install our new pool, which is in the garage still in boxes. We have lots of yard work to do to make it ready.
Lisa in Kentucky

Martha (MM) said...

It's so good see a post from you! Sounds like busy times - I think everyone feels like that one way or another in these crazy times we live in. Hope you all have a wonderful summer! Sending prayers for your brother *hugs*

JCWillow99@gmail.com said...

Sounds like your little girl is growing up. Pet smart would be a good job for a teen. I love taking our dog there to be groomed. Everyone is so nice.
Maybe she should check into dog grooming as much as it cost, it should pay well.
Enjoy your summer.

Take care.

Emmi said...

Love the new background. Fits the page well. We do our home school a lot like you do, it works perfectly.

Ben said...

It's a bumpy road but you handle it well, Lori. Keep on doing it!


Missie said...

I love the new blog template.

I'm a bit behind on blog entries. I'm trying to catch up though.

Have a good week.

ADB said...

Hope your brother's surgery went well, Lori. Keep us posted and don't be a stranger (look who's talking)


ADB said...
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The new blog look is awesome. Hope your brother's surgery went well. Sounds like the traveling would be fun. But a STAYCATION can be too. I think PETSMART must be a great place to work and get paid. But the ZOO sounds even more interesting.