Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Nephew Has Been Nominated For An Emmy!!

I've been sitting on this news (and some other news that I can't write about yet), and now it's time to announce it.

Remember my writing about my nephew Jacob? He is my eldest sister's youngest child. He works for Adrenaline Films as an Audio Technician. He is only 23 years old. If you go to Adrenaline's web site and go to the Production Team at the bottom of the page and scroll over, I think he's about the 10th one to the right. I have written on Dusty Pages about his working on the Survivor China crew, among other things.

Well, on Sunday May 31, The History Channel is going to premiere its Expedition Africa series with the Stanley and Livingstone story, at 10pm/9 central. Jacob was the Sound Supervisor on the crew. At the time he was 22, which made him the youngest sound supervisor EVER in the US. And he, personally, yes, he, Jacob F. Smith, has been nominated for an Emmy for the work he did on that show. Isn't that cool???

Jacob has always been interested in being a sound engineer. In middle school he set up his own sound studio and he worked with a local guy who did all the school plays, as well as weddings, concerts, etc. So by the time Jacob got out of high school he was already a pretty good audio engineer in his own right. He decided what company he wanted to work for after he got out of college (one he knew could actually TEACH him something) and then bombarded them with resumes, trying to get them to let him intern with them. He finally got a meeting with the president of the company, who told him that they were actually more interested in HIRING him than in having him intern there.

He hit the ground running, and they have kept him busy from the beginning. He has worked on several reality shows and a couple of movies among other things. When he went to work for them he was surprised that they didn't have a post-production studio. So he put together a presentation and pitched the idea to them. They now have a post-production studio.

He does have a very natural ear, an innate talent, for knowing what sounds right and how to get it. We are all very proud of him. Yes, I am a very proud aunt!!

What I'm still sitting on I have to continue to sit on. It may be on the DVD in the Behind the Scenes part. I won't know until I see the DVD. But I'll tell as soon as I can. I'm also going to see if I can do an interview with him when the time is right (read: when he can ethically talk about the project) for my blog and also for his mom's local paper. So if you watch the series and a question occurs to you, send it to me and I'll include it. I am looking forward to watching because I think it will be a fascinating series.

So please mark it on your calendars if you have The History Channel. In the meantime go to the link above and watch some of the trailers for the series. This is, or was to date at least, the largest production ever done by The History Channel. They have not hired a production company for the other series they're doing as part of their "Expedition" series (one of them is on Genghis Khan) yet, but I hope they hire Adrenaline to do those as well.

And if he wins the Emmy? I don't know if he's allowed to tell anyone one way or the other before the show airs in September. Probably not. But even if he doesn't win, what an honor to be nominated! And how great is that going to look on his resume!


Lynne said...

He is a wonderful example for our youth that you can reach for those higher goals, and age is just a number! WTG to your nephew! What an accomplishment!

Leigh said...

Now I can say that "I know someone who knows someone who's been nominated for an Emmy!" lol

Congratulations to your nephew!

I love the History Channel!

:) Leigh

Gerry said...

What a thrill for your nephew and the rest of the family, too. Sounds like he was a real go-getter from your description. Doc and I watch the History Channel all the time which now looks so fantastic on his HD-TV. So I will watch for this series. Gerry

sober white women said...

That is so cool and since the history channel is one of the few channels I watch.... Good for him!

Beth said...

That's fantastic, Lori! I DO remember you writing about your nephew and his work on "Survivor: China." This sounds like it was a fascinating project, and he sounds like a young man who is doing what he loves to do. I bet he also realizes how fortunate he is that he loves his job!

I don't know if we'll be able to catch the series, but I'll definitely enjoy reading your interview with him. I hope you'll pass along all of our congratulations to him! Hugs, Beth

Christina said...

That is so awesome! I know you are a proud auntie right about now.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Very Cool Proud Auntie :o)

Missie said...

How exctiting! Someone in your family possibly getting an Emmy! WOW!!

Char said...

Waaaaaay cool!

Coelha :B said...

That is sooooo cool!!! :) YOu should be proud!! :) Yay! I hope he wins!! :) Julie

Terri said...

That is awesome...I know you are proud!

Best of luck to Jacob!!


Martha said...

Wow! That is so awesome! Congrats to your nephew! :-)

Cathy said...

Jacob sounds like a very involved person, I'll be sure to catch this program on HC. Always enjoyed the epic tales of discovering this land and it's great gifts.

Joann said...

WOW!! Congrats to Jacob!! What an accomplishment!!