Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Moving Day

Okay, well, here I am. I guess for now, at least, I'll be moving my own cheese and starting a new Dusty Pages here at Blogspot. I'm assuming that when AOL Journals migrate, all my entries will migrate into my archives here. I hope. (Will be saving them some other way as well, just in case.)

So, here I am, and please let me know your blogspot addys or other blog location addy if you have one (or as you get one), and I'll make sure I have you on here. This doesn't seem too bad. It's not quite as easy as AOL journals, but there are a few bright spots. I may be calling on those of you who are already here to help me out if I have questions. I guess I'll be moving my other journals as well.

It's a rather gray day here in Southern Indiana, weather-wise, and now it's rather gray journal-wise as well. Oh well, forward we go!


Joyce said...

I'm here. Thanks for giving me the link. A new chapter for us all.
Hugs, Joyce

Janis said...

HI :)

I'm here too!


alphawoman said...

Oh,look how cute you are!! See how easy that was. lol!


alphawoman said...

Crap...that should say Mary

Beth said...

Here I be, for better or worse....


It' Me ~Katie! said...

I think this is gonna be a good thing! Take care as we look forward to your reads

Ken said...

Hey Lori, Bucko is here.


manda2177 said...

Great blog...I'm excited to see what you'll do with the new "home"!! Be sure to check out the little 'widgets' as they are referred to on the sidebars of my blog. Feedburner is a great one. Just click on mine and you can get it set up on yours! Thats a great way to get new fun things on your blog is to look at others' blogs and see what thing they have implemented.

Many blessings!

P.S. Any way to
loosen' up your 'identity' restrictions at all? (How a fellow blogger signs off in your comment section)Theres no option for me to leave a link as my typepad account. You will find that blog spamming is NOT a problem!! Trust me! :)

Indigo said...

It seem to get easier as we go. Glad to find you over here! (Hugs)Indigo

Leigh said...

Hi Lori,
I made it here without getting lost. Yet!
:) Leigh

cayasm said...

Hi Lori good to see you here, I have the same blog title.


Sugar said...

it'll take awhile, lots of trial & error, but we can do this! huggies.